Sri Lanka Carbon Crediting Scheme (SLCCS)


Sri Lanka Carbon Crediting Scheme (SLCCS) is a Greenhouse gas (GHG) programme which in needs of encourage every kind of active carbon reduction or removal projects for the benefits of Environment, Society and the Economy. It brings quality assurance for such projects and carbon Credits/ offsets. It is a voluntary initiative that regulates and registers such projects and requests for counterbalance the GHG emissions from companies, project developers, or other entities within a context of quality, credibility and transparency.


1) To introduce more effective and user friendly programme that brings quality assurance to authentic GHG reduction and removal project activities.

2) To provide transparent service to its clients in the process of project Validation, Verification, Certification and registration.

3) To facilitate responsible GHG emitters for voluntary, compliance Credits/offsets of quality assured emission reductions generated by approved projects

4) To encourage the projects benefited on aspects other than GHG reduction and/or removal such as helping communities to improve their livelihood, enhancing ecological services

5) To innovate paths in carbon crediting to businesses, non-profits and government entities that engage in on the ground climate action


Technical Services

Development of Standards, Methodologies and Tools for the quality assurance of emission reduction and removal projects

Development of carbon offset standards, methodologies and tools

Oversight of methodology approval and Quality management via stakeholder consultation and scientific peer review

Validation and Verification of the project activity

Registry Services

Eligibility Assessments

Project Certification

Project Registration

Supervision of Validation and verification by accredited verification bodies

Offset issuance

Offset issuance, serialization and tracking

Transparent offset retirement



Kirkoswald Small Scale Hydropower SLCS project

Dilmah(Ceylon Tea Services) Small Scale Hydropower Bundle Project

Bogawanthalawa Small Scale Hydropower Project