Verified Carbon Standard

VCS is the world's most widely used voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction program. In just a few short years, more than 1000 registered projects have collectively removed more than 130 million tons of emissions from the atmosphere.

VCS relies on four basic quality assurance elements to secure its place as the leader in the global carbon market:

The VCS Program incorporates global best practices
VCS methodologies ensure robust GHG accounting in specific project scenarios
VCS requires independent auditing of all projects
A transparent registry system ensures credits are unique and fully traceable online

VCS projects are located all across the world. VCS GHG projects come in all shapes and sizes from across the full economic spectrum. VCS classifies projects into categories known in the industry as sectoral scopes. These scopes range from energy efficiency to transportation to waste management.

Some of the largest opportunities for emission reductions lie in the Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use sector (AFOLU). VCS has pioneered this rapidly emerging market for GHG projects. As a result, VCS is among the most widely used AFOLU standard in the industry.